A.U.P. Shuffle

Jolanda van Goor & Peer Franzen

A.U.P-Shuffle was commissioned by the quarter Geuzenveld of the city of Amsterdam. They required a design of an art object around several construction sites. The design is inspired by tiny shuffle puzzles and by the General Extention Plan (GEP; Dutch name: A.U.P.) by architect and urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren, whom designed  the citymap of the quarter Geuzenveld. The art object consists of movable surfaces, which can function as a place to sit, a table or rooftop. Looking down from above, A.U.P.-Shuffle has the same shape as the quarter Geuzenveld. By shuffling the surfaces you could create, so to say, a new district. It’s like a theater with the construction sites as its show. At the same time it functions as a social facility, a place to meet.