Fashion Times Salone Del Mobile 2016: 20 Most Memorable Designs From Milan Furniture Fair

Salone Del Mobile 2016: 20 Most Memorable Designs From Milan Furniture Fair
Apr 22, 2016 03:33 PM EDT By Meg Busacca

(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / “Living Metals” )¬†

Picking 20 great designs from over 2,000 exhibits on display during Milan Design Week is no mean achievement but our design editor ploughed through and highlights¬†a few favorites in furniture, product, art and accessories. Click through the slide show to discover the best of this year’s Milan Design Week!



1. Fendi Casa

“Velum” wall lamps made of fur and inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s “Little Monsters” designed by artist¬†Marco Costanzi.



Fendi Casa

(Photo :




2. Spazio Pontaccio

The gallery of Spazio Pontaccio presented the “Credenza” collection, a stained glass furniture series, designed by Patricia Urquiola and Federico Pepe.



(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / )




3. Secondome

The “AWAITING” collection designed by Giorgia Zanellato and Coralla Maiuri features benches, stools, a mirror, a vanity table and a room divider made of golden brass and velvet.




(Photo : – Secondome/ Claudia Zalla)




4. Studio Michael Schoner

“Masterly – The Dutch in Milano”¬†exhibition featuring the¬†“Crest & Trough”¬†bench-chest hybrid made of perforated corrugated steel designed by Studio Michael Schoner.


Studio Michael Schoner

(Photo : – Studio Michael Schoner)

5. Lindsey Adelman

Lighting designer Lindsey Adelman’s¬†first and only light piece featuring mirror, along with her signature hand-blown glass and metal work presented at¬†Nilufargallery.



Lindsey Adelman - Nilufar Gallery

(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / Lindsey Adelman at Nilufar Gallery)




“Matter of Motion”¬†project featuring stools of polymer resin designed by Maor Aharon for “Yes, and…” exhibition.



(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / MAOR AHARON)




“Poltroncina 008”¬†armchair designed in upholstered pink Alcantra and Espallier Cloque fabric.



(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / DIMORESTUDIO)




8. Michael Anastassiades for Herman Miller

“The Double Dream of Spring”¬†collection featuring walnut and white oak stools and tables, along with brass lighting sculptures designed by Michael Anastassiades.



Herman Miller

(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / Michael Anastassiades for Herman Miller)



9. Gianluca Pacchioni

“Living Metals”¬†exhibition featuring “Cremino” collection of two sculptural side tables designed in bronze and brass.




(Photo : Fashion Times – Gianlucca Pacchioni)



10. Johnathan Anderson for LOEWE

“Marquetry in Leather” project created by fashion designer Johnathan Anderson features oak furniture with designs re-imagined from silk prints found in LOEWE archives, and embrace traditional Japanese woodworking techniques.




(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / Johnathan Anderson for LOEWE)



11. Studio Jolanda Van Goor

The handmade “Contorno Table Lamp” made of brass, marble and LED lights, designed by Studio Jolanda Van Goor.


Contorno Lamp

(Photo :



12.¬†Giorgetti’s “Mobius”

Designed by Umberto Asnago for Giorgetti, the “Mobius” armchair was inspired by a walking stick and features a walnut canaletto wood base with padded leather upholstery.



(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / Giorgetti )



13. Dedar

“Dalie Papaveri Tulipani” fabric of abstract floral motifs comprised of yarn floats and fil coup√©.



(Photo : / Dedar )



14. Marni

Marni Ballhaus collection of furniture comprised of metal, wood and handwoven PVC chord.



(Photo : – Marni Ballhaus Collection)




Marta Sala √Čditions “Wanda Full Armchair” designed by Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering



(Photo : – )



16. Apparatus



Apparatus Studio

(Photo : )




17. Lee Broom

“Salone del Automobile”¬†90s-inspired¬†Optical Light¬†collection



Lee Broom

(Photo : – Marcus Tondo )



18. Ames-Sala Collection

The “Nudo” rug designed by Sebastian Herkner from¬†Ames Sala¬†collection for Ames Design.



Ames Design

(Photo :



19. Lorenzo Vitturi for Valextra

An exclusive collaged sculpture for Valextra designed by London-based artist Lorenzo Vitturi.


Lorenzo Vitturi

(Photo : Fashion Times – Meg Busacca / Lorenzo Vitturi for Valextra)




20. Molteni&C

The “Gio Ponti” Armchair was designed in 1953, featuring a brass structure, a bicolor white-blue leather, also known as “Punteggiato” fabric.



Gio Ponti

(Photo : Molteni& – Gio Ponti Collection)



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