Homily…. Comfy & Cultural City Retreat

Comfy & Cultural City Retreat


Old wooden floors, big windows, elements that remind you of long gone times – and all the hustle and bustle right at your doorstep. There’s something magical about having a historical apartment in a metropolis, a piece of your own identity and a place to call home right where it’s happening. But what interior would be fitting to a place like this, a home surrounded by many different trends and cultures that should feel comfy and personal? This is my idea of the perfect apartment in a big city.

minimalistische Woonkamer door Polygon arch&des
scandinavische Woonkamer door DEFERRARI+MODESTI
scandinavische Keuken door Papilio
scandinavische Slaapkamer door Lagom studio
Dakterras.nl project Amsterdam Oud-Zuid: translation missing: nl.style.terras.mediterraan Terras door Dakterras.nl
translation missing: nl.style.muren-vloeren.scandinavisch Muren & vloeren door MilieO
Ookinhetpaars de webshop voor kleurrijke kussens en prachtige plaids: scandinavische Woonkamer door Ookinhetpaars
scandinavische Woonkamer door Bloomon Deutschland
scandinavische Woonkamer door Adalılar Mobilya (İNNOVATİONLİVİNG)
scandinavische Woonkamer door Coroto - Deubel D'Aubeterre GbR
My Granny  III: scandinavische Woonkamer door Studio Jolanda van Goor
scandinavische Woonkamer door TRAE SHOP
translation missing: nl.style.kunst-.scandinavisch Kunst  door cityartposters